Review of Astronomy Within Reach

Game and Hunt

English translation

"Astronomy Within Reach makes it possible for the layman to better understand outer-worldly concepts, and thereby to get to grips with the world of planets, moons and stars.

The book is fully illustrated with a special focus on the South African skies, and promises to be a fascinating read for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. The fresh look at astronomical phenomena will also interest the experienced astronomer. Questions such as why the southern hemisphere summer is seven days shorter than the northern hemisphere summer is, amongst many others, are answered in an accessible everyday language. The book also explains how anyone, armed with no more than a pair of binoculars can actively engage in astronomy.

With more than 200 colour photographs and diagrams and a pair of 3D glasses inside the back cover to help see how varied are the distances of stars from us, this book is a welcome addition to the current literature on the subject. "