Comment on Astronomy Within Reach

Louis Lombaard

(Translated from the original Afrikaans)

I want to congratulate you (the translator Olivier Bosman) on your excellent work. I've already read the first fifty pages and it reads as fluently as if it were originally written in Afrikaans. Thanks for that. It is wonderful to see all the terms in proper and decent Afrikaans. I try to instill the use of proper Afrikaans terms in my grandchildren.

I'm very impressed with what I have read so far. Not that I'm an expert, but I have read many astronomy books and Neville Young's presentation is new and fresh and very stimulating. I do not know him so please convey my congratulations to him when you see him. Thank you for the tremendous input that you two have made to the promotion of astronomy and in particular, Afrikaans astronomy.

I plan to give copies of the book to both my children's families - Louis Lombaard