Comment on Astronomy Within Reach

Graeme Stead

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed your book! I have re-read sections several times and find the explanations very clear. It has taught me a lot!

The only (small) criticism I have is that the font is a bit small and not black enough. I can usually read without glasses but I have to resort to reading glasses. Please take this from whence it comes.

— sure you can quote me. In fact what I can also say is that I only got involved in Astronomy only about 3 years ago. I battled to find books that would explain things clearly! I like “Astronomy for Dummies” by Prof. Stephen P. Maran. He has written it for young people in simple language with lots of humour. Then I discovered your book — written for South Africans in the Southern Hemisphere — yippee! I have an enormous amount of catching up to do and I have found navigation in the celestial sphere a big challenge! Your book and models and other aids have helped considerably!