Family Stargazing

Science Education through Astronomy

Starwaders presents an evening of stargazing for one or two families at a time at a residence in Faerie Glen, Pretoria.

Neville will not only show you interesting objects that are visible on the evening of your visit, but will also explain to you WHY you are able to see those objects, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and many others.

Neville designed and has used his Solar System Model for 20 years. The model will teach you why the planets are where you see them on any night.

The venue has its own observatory as well as other telescopes and binoculars. Secure parking behind locked gates.

Up to two families can book an evening starting at dusk and lasting as long as is wanted. The model will be explained during early dusk so that when the sky darkens and planets can be seen, you will understand why they are where you see them.

Note that planets do not follow our human calendar, so that the times of the year when you can see them differ from year to year. There are times when none of the major planets can be seen in the evening, but only in the early morning.

PricesR100 per person
TimesStarts at dusk
English and/or Afrikaans
DressEven in summer, bring a jacket – it can get cold standing outdoors
See planet visibility table below

Astronomers have to contend with clouds, so your booking will be for a certain date, but provision is made to postpone to the next available opportunity that is suitable to you. Note that there is a much greater chance of clouds during the summer.

Call 083 303 2840 or email Or simply enquire using this form.

    Credit: Martin J. Powell at NakedEyePlanets
    Credit: Martin J. Powell at NakedEyePlanets

    Starwaders – Updated 27 March 2023